A first trip into town

We took our first exploration into town on our 2nd day. It was supposed to be dedicated to get to know the town an help us to regain our orientation. Tbilisi is situated along the river Kura stretching out up the surrounding hills like so many arms.

When we arrived in Tbilisi, we entered from the north which we did not expect and as as our senses were occupied by everything other than our sense of direction we lost this probably at this moment. Thist means: While Ulrich is fighting to get back his unerring sense of direction by trying ceaselessly and still failing every so often, I gave up on trying to get my bearings about our geographical situation. It is a very strange feeling if you are not sure about your orientation on the planet anymore. Now I know that there are many people traveling to Tbilisi are suffering from the same problem. For these few months I will probably have to reverse to orientate myself by using landmarks instead of a general feeling of direction.

Well back to our first trip into town: Due to the good experience in Budapest, we decide to take a ride on one of these Hop-on-Hop-off Buses. We leave our car at the office of Georgia Insight and start walking. It is very busy in town despite it being Sunday.

As you can see on the pictures our first trip is rendered interesting by all the information about fascinating and contradictory history. Of course we are only shown the nice areas of Georgia’s capital city but luckily the intercom on the bus is damaged so that we are accompanied by a sort of private tour guide who is willing to answer at least a few of our questions.

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