Is Tbilisi a nice city?

Today my friend Christian posed this question to me on WhatsApp. The answer is too long. I decided to simply add another chapter to our blog and try to explain our experiences bit by bit. Tbilisi is stunningly beautiful and absolutely ugly.

My first impression of Tbilisi was absolutely stressful. After a long day driving we arrived in the early evening in time for rush hour, when dusk just started to fall. Ulrich in front I at the rear in the camper, huge amounts of chaotic and ruthless traffic and the first exit took us through a switchback with 12% inclination… Urgh!

On our way to Agaraki – a newly developing quarter for the rather rich – the satnav takes us through settlements of very obvious poverty. The roads’ condition is such that I would suggest that here those massive SUV’s are just about adequate.

Before moving into this vast town we are allowed to stay on the outskirts for a few days and take our first explorational trips from up here.

I believe we have to look at two layers of telling about Tbilisi and its beauty. Firstly there are the “touristy” impressions which we experience when visiting all those places of interest and then there is the layer of making this city a kind of home to us and trying to live a “normal” life owing to the fact of our long stay here.

We are here for over a month now and to be true it seems to be a disgrace of me for not telling you earlier about our stay here. So let’s get started…

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