Ushguli – Mestia

During the night rain set in and it is really cold and awful outside. Again we are treated to a pleasant breakfast in the restaurant, while the host’s family start preparing supper for a rather big group which is expected for tonight.

Ushguli in the rain

At 10 am Goga returns to take us back to Mestia on an even bumpier road. Originally the further plan of the day was to explore the town and visit a few museums. Sadly it is so cold and uncomfortable outside, that we cuddle up in Bekos Garden Inn’s guestroom and only leave the warmth in late afternoon to visit the Svanetian Museum, where I promptly discover that I forgot my purse in the camper…

On our way out we booked a table at Lushnu Quor Restaurant which turned out to be a brilliant idea of Marianna’s who suggested this restaurant to us. We devour a great Georgian supper in a beautiful atmosphere.

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